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Hair transplants have been performed by INTER CLINIC since 1993, making it one of the pioneers of this operation in the Czech Republic. INTER CLINIC is rightly described as one of the most experienced domestic workplaces. During its existence the clinic has performed more than 4000 successful hair transplants procedures.

INTER CLINIC – leading workplace for hair transplants

Methods of hair transplants differ. Thanks to our long-term experience with various techniques we have quite definite conclusions about the appropriateness and effectiveness of individual methods. As important as selecting an appropriate technique of hair transplants is also the skill and dexterity of the hair surgeon. Here at INTER CLINIC you will find only knowledgeable professionals each with almost twenty years of experience. To date the original method of hair transplants by Professor Orentreich is still used. This method has continually been improved.

Hair Transplants

This procedure is performed most often because of androgenetic alopecia indication and often hair is transplanted to the clients after trauma, burns or actinotherapy. Hair transplants depend on the difficulty of work. With an experienced hair surgeon it will take between 2-4 hours. Local anaesthetic is used for hair transplants so the procedure is then painless. For the postoperative period, clients are "for sure" equipped with analgesics.

Why undergo a hair transplants just in INTER CLINIC?

  • We have had over 5000 successful interventions.
  • The methods of hair transplants have been properly tested and proved over time.
  • We offer a lifetime warranty on the growth of transplanted hair.
  • During one operation, we can transplant up to 1600 grafts, and about 3500 to 4000 hair follicles.
  • With this procedure we will provide free transportation from/to the airport.

Are you considering plastic surgery or hair surgery?

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