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We have one of the best surgical team within Czech private clinics. We have only top-specialists in our team. This is our philosophy which we apply for more than 20 years: our clients leaves our clinic satisfied and recommend our services to their friends.

Plastic surgery

MUDr. Josef Kulhánek
MD. Josef Kulhánek, MBA

plastic surgeon | chief doctor

A renowned plastic surgeon with long-standing experiences from many hospitals.

MUDr. Ludmila Fialová
MD. Ludmila Fialová

plastic surgeon

An outstanding expert in the field of plastic surgery, with a woman's soft touch and precision.


Hair transplant surgery

MUDr. Pavel Koňařík
MD. Pavel Koňařík

hair surgeon

A leading Czech specialist in hair transplant surgery. A sought-after expert with long-standing experiences.

MUDr. Lenka Horáčková
MD. Lenka Horáčková

hair surgeon | dermatologist

An expert for hair loss and hair transplant surgery, a dermatologist. Hair transplants performs for almost 20 years.


Hand surgery

MUDr. Filip Hebelka
MD. Filip Hebelka

| hand surgery expert
Vyhledávaný lékař českých horolezců a jiných sportovců. Vynikající operatér specializující se na problémy ruky.

MUDr- Ludmila Fialová
MD. Ludmila Fialová

hand surgery expert
| plastic surgeon
Specialistka z Vysokého nad Jizerou, špičková odbornice na problematiku onemocnění ruky.



Are you considering plastic surgery or hair surgery?

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