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plastika prsou


plastika prsou

plastika prsou

Breast Plastic Surgery is currently the most popular plastic surgery. While such procedures previously used to be the prerogative of famous faces from the world of show business and sport, today they are becoming increasingly popular plastic surgery for the general population. Plastic surgery has been performed at our clinic since 1998, so you can be absolutely certain that you will be in the experienced hands of qualified professionals.

Breast plastic surgery will remove mental health problems and health difficulties

The reasons for the decision to undergo breast plastic surgery are in particular the social aspects. Today, small breasts are seen as a handicap and deficiency, and can cause even psychological problems for some women. Plastic surgery will solve their problems once and for all! The same is true even when modeling breasts when the breasts due to breast plastic surgery using silicone implants, become particularly firm. To operate to achieve breast reduction also minimises health problems. Too much breast weight can cause spinal and permanent health difficulties. But also in this case to have a plastic surgery is mainly to correct psychological problems.

At the clinic of plastic surgery INTER CLINIC we perform these plastic surgeries:

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