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plastická chirurgie

plastická chirurgie

plastická chirurgie

plastická chirurgie

An important part of the whole personality is the face. It is the part that a person first becomes aware of and also serves as a means with which to express their feelings and moods. With age, however, the face changes and the result of these changes is that even an energetic man can look sad and tired. Are you worried about the appearance and changes in your face? Then the face lift plastic surgery is just for you.

INTER CLINIC - specialist in face lift

In the clinic of plastic surgery INTER CLINIC we have performed face lift (smoothing wrinkles on the face) and neck lift (smoothing wrinkles on the neck) since 1998. During this period we conducted face lifts for almost thousand of clients, making us one of the most experienced workplaces performing this aesthetic surgery. You can arrange a free consultation with a plastic surgeon with no obligation. He will answer all of your questions about plastic surgery and recommend how to proceed in the case of face or neck.


Are you considering plastic surgery or hair surgery?

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