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The history of hair transplants dates back to the time of World War I. It was developed mainly in Japan and the USA. In the 50´s and 60´s it was further developed by the U.S. hair transplant dermatologist professor Dr. Normale Orentreichem.

Hair transplant grafts

Professor Dr. Orentreich in the U.S. initially transplanted skin grafts for up to 4 mm, which contained 10 to 20 hair follicles. This confirmed the fact that hair grafts, which transfer transplanted hair from one to part of the head to the affected area, grow and retain the characteristics of healthy growing hair and no longer succumb to androgenical lunge.
Early 80’s, the hair grafts are replaced by new mini-grafts and micro-grafts and this method was more successful. Today we use a hair transplant micro-grafts with 1 to 4 hairs.

Follicular unit transplant - FUT

A new method in hair transplants was called follicular unit transplantation or FUT - follicular unit transplant. It began to pursue in 1995 and was based on the new finding that human hair does not grow in isolation, but in groups. These groups contain 1 to 4 terminal hairs, 1 to 2 velus hair and their associated sebaceous glands - arrector musculum, drank, and neurovascular plexus perifolliculum that connective unit together. Transplant of follicular units allows us to achieve the result of natural hair growth. This also makes this method of hair transplant is currently the best.

FUT method is very effective

Follicular Unit Transplant (FUT) is a method which can be transplanted in one procedure over several thousand grafts at once. This way you can achieve great hair density, natural looking result. This process therefore offsets a large number of follicular units.

What are the advantages of the method FUT hair transplant?

The advantage of this method is that the hairs are transplanted in their natural forms "follicular units", consisting of hair micro-grafts of groups 1 to 4 hair. Pile groups that we called follicular units, are separated under a microscope and planted in a designated area on the head. The result follows by transplant of hair is indistinguishable from natural hair man.

The most important benefits of hair transplant by FUT

  • natural density immediately after the first surgery
  • aesthetically excellent result
  • the efficiency of processing the material collected
  • fewer operations for planting larger areas
  • warranty on the growth of new hair
  • better fit and durability of grafts
  • fewer missed days at work
  • less scar tissue
  • transfer up to 1600 grafts in one procedure

Disadvantages of using FUT hair transplant

The only possible drawback is a small thin scar that is visible when the hair is shorter than 5 mm.

What is the possible number of grafts for hair transplant?

The donor area should have a length of 10-20 cm and a width of about 1 cm. It depends mainly on the number of units needed for hair transplant. On average, you can get hair about 40 units per cm ², corresponding to 100-200 loss.

Hair transplant by FUT - process

Before hair transplant surgery, the sampling area is cut short in the occipital hair wreath. The next step is to shorten the hair transplant in place. Then there is a special field sampling anesthesia anesthetic solution that works throughout the operation. With anesthesia, which lasts up to 9 hours, the patient does not suffer any pain. Skin material taken from the patient's head is processed under a magnifying glass in cooled solutions of follicular units. These include 1 to 3 hairs that we place in that the number of bald spots. Sampling area, which is a broad maximum of 1.5 cm sewn in place, would create up to 1 mm narrow scar.

FUE hair transplant method

FUE method, "Follicular Unit Extraction" evolved from FUT method. From sampling areas in the occipital hair wreaths, which are all clipped before the procedure, small individual grafts are collected using a special needle -the follicular unit size is about 1 mm. This way the cut hair follicles are transplanted directly into the reception area. This method is very laborious and demanding with large losses. Root (follicle) damage may be collected from individual grafts simply because the direction of root growth is difficult to estimate. Very often they can get damaged and so the follicular units can be destroyed. Using this method we can remove and insert in one performance a maximum 700 grafts. This hair transplant method is suitable for minor procedures.

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