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plastická chirurgie

plastická chirurgie

plastická chirurgie

plastická chirurgie

Oversized abdomen can cause many sleepless nights. To have a quiet sleep we can help you with a tummy tuck which is performed by our experienced team of physicians. The procedure removes loose skin and fat, which are often the result of sudden weight loss or the childbirth. Tummy tuck performed by real experts can achieve small miracles.

INTER CLINIC - specialist in tummy tuck

The most important element in the case of a tummy tuck is a plastic surgeon. Plastic surgeon evaluates the patient's health and mental state and motivation. Based on a detailed analysis recommends the right type of operations and determine the suitability of its range. At the clinic of plastic surgery INTER CLINIC we were able to perform a number of similar interventions since 1998 that changed the lives of hundreds of patients. Arrange a free consultation and learn how abdominoplasty may help you.

Are you considering plastic surgery or hair surgery?

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