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plastika prsou


plastika prsou

plastika prsou

Do you have oversize breasts which are causing you health problems? Do you often suffer from back, neck and spine pain? Or do you suffer due to the size of your breasts psychological or social problems? Do not despair. We have a solution for you - operative breast reduction (also called mammaplasty), which adjusts your breasts to the desired size and shape. Breast reduction can sweeten your life radically and eliminate long-standing problems.

INTER CLINIC - specialist in breast reduction

In the clinic of plastic surgery INTER CLINIC we perform breast reduction since 1998. You can be sure of sufficient experience of our specialists. Book a free appointment with our experts from the INTER CLINIC for information on how to reduce your breasts just in your case.

The causes of large breasts

There can be many causes of excessively large breasts. In most cases it is a birth defect called hypertrophy (breast size up to 1000 ml), macromasty (1000-1500 ml) or gigantomasty (over 1500 ml). Other causes of large breasts can be a big weight gain, hormonal, metabolic and gynecological disorders, but often we also encounter patients who had an increase breast size after pregnancy and lactation.

Breast reduction – the procedure

Breast reduction is an operation that removes the excess skin of the breast and surrounding tissue and reducing the mammary gland. The size of the areola is also reduced.The procedure is performed under general anesthesia and requires 1-2 days of hospitalization. The surgery takes about 2 hours. The scar is located around the nipple and the breast crease. After treatment, the recovery requires about 14 days of convalescence. After treatment (for about 6 weeks) you should wear an elastic bra.

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