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plastická chirurgie

plastická chirurgie

plastická chirurgie

plastická chirurgie

Don’t you like the shape of your nose? Or did you break your nose in your youth and it grew together badly? We are happy to assist you. Rhinoplasty, as is otherwise nose correction known, will solve this! During the surgery the surgeon works on the nasal bones, which compose a roof-like structure, and the cartilage, two on each side of the nose.

INTER CLINIC - specialist in plastic surgery of the nose

Plastic surgery INTER CLINIC has performed nose surgery since 1998, so you can be absolutely certain that you will be in the right hands of qualified professionals. Our team of plastic surgeons is available for free consultation where you can clarify what corrections we can make in your particular case. Feel free to ask us anything that interests you.

Our Clinic INTER CLINIC offers these rhinoplasty operations:

  • Correction of the cartilage
  • Correction of nasal bone
  • Narrowing of the nose
  • Reduction of the nose
  • Change of the shape of the nose, and thus the facial expression
  • Treatment of nasal septum deviation, called septoplasty, which improves breathing.


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