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plastika prsou


plastika prsou

plastika prsou

Breast modelling, also called mammaplasty is a plastic surgery of the breasts to improve breast shape. Especially after pregnancy and lactation, a significant sagging of breasts happen and mammaplasty can restore the breasts to their original beauty and shape. In addition to sagging breasts plastic surgery is treating also asymmetrical breasts.

INTER CLINIC - specialist in breast modelling

In the clinic of plastic surgery INTER CLINIC we perform mammaplasty since 1998. You can be sure of sufficient experience of our specialists. Book a free appointment with our experts from the INTER CLINIC and ask them how to reduce your breasts.

Breast modelling will improve your self-esteem

Breast modelling or mammaplasty is a plastic surgery, which is used to improve the breast shape and overall appearance. Women with sagging or asymmetrical breasts might lose self-confidence and feel inferior; in some cases have disruption in sexual relations. Modelling can restore the love life and satisfaction in life!

Who is the modelling of the breasts for?

Breast modelling is intended for women from 18 years, which due to repeated pregnancy or weight loss had the shape of breasts changed, so that the breasts are sagging or are flabby. It is most common for patients suffering from ptosis otherwise decrease in one breast. This modelling is also recommended when taking out the breast implants.

Breast Modelling- procedure

Breast modelling is an operation that removes excess skin and lift the mammary gland to avoid sagging breasts. The procedure is conducted under general anesthesia. The patient is hospitalized for 1 day at our Clinic of plastic surgery. After the surgery it is required about two weeks of convalescence.

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