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plastická chirurgie

plastická chirurgie

plastická chirurgie

plastická chirurgie

Do you suffer from little wrinkles around the lips? Do you want to have fuller and sexier lips? Do you have any congenital or traumatic conditions of asymmetry? Then it is appropriate for you to enlarge or shape the lips.

INTER CLINIC - the specialist in lips enlargement

The clinic of plastic surgery INTER CLINIC will adjust the lines and shape of the lip, also the enlargement of the upper and lower lip can be done. Our specialists, who made hundreds of similar interventions, will be pleased to advise you and to provide all the information during a free consultation.

Depending on the desired change, we can offer a number of cosmetic changes in lip enlargement. It is up to you what modelling or lip enlargement you choose. The most common requirement, with which we come across, is the enlargement (augmentation) of the upper lip. This procedure of lip augmentation is done on an outpatient basis under local anaesthetic. After modelling or lip augmentation about a week of convalescence is required.

Types of lip augmentation

INTER CLINIC performs these types of lip enlargements:

  • Surgical enlargement
  • Lipofilling
  • Botox and collagen injections

Are you considering plastic surgery or hair surgery?

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