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plastická chirurgie

plastická chirurgie

plastická chirurgie

plastická chirurgie

Reconstruction of hymen (also known as hymenoplasty) is gaining increasing popularity. Many women crave to experience sexual intercourse as "the first time." It is a very simple procedure that is performed under local or general anaesthesia.

Reconstruction of hymen

The reconstruction of the hymen consists of attaching sides of the vaginal opening with absorbable sutures. After reconstruction of the hymen do not worry about complications with drainage of blood during menstruation, there is no loss of sensitivity in the vaginal entrance.

INTER CLINIC - arrange a free consultation!

In the clinic of plastic surgery INTER CLINIC we have performed hymen reconstruction since 1998. Our specialists, who made hundreds of similar interventions, will be happy to provide all the information during a free consultation. During the consultation you will agree with the surgeon on the method of anaesthesia and other details of the procedure.

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